ScrappyLogoSEE SCRAPPY the RiverFest mascot on display throughout the RiverFest event!

In 2013 Twin Cities sculptor, Mary Johnson, was commissioned through a private grant to create a river-themed sculpture for RiverFest. The metal armature for the splashing bass figure was constructed in her studio and mounted on a trailer for transport.

A contest to name the bass was held and the sculpture was named Scrappy. Scrappy’s permanent home is at Camp St. Croix, however, he makes several appearances at local events and attends area parades.

Each year students from the Phipps Center for the Arts’ “Just Add Water” art and science class help complete the sculpture by processing and repurposing the litter collected in Hudson during the river cleanup to create a new “skin” for Scrappy.

See Scrappy on display at area community events:

June 10 ~ at the Hudson Arch for Yellowstone Trail Day

July 1 ~ in the Hudson Booster Days Parade

July 14 ~ in the River Falls Days Parade

July 15  ~ at Kinnikinnick River Land Trust (Scrappy “undresses”)

July 18-23 ~ at Hudson St. Croix RiverFest (Scrappy gets a new “dressing”)

August 19 ~  in North Hudson Pepper Fest Parade

September 22-24 ~ at Spirit of the St. Croix Art Festival

September 30 ~ HIBA Helping Hands Event for Nonprofits